Run Start for North County Hash

Saturday, 09/30/23 10:00am
Name: Runners Delight aka Douche Bag
Hare(s): PPE, BOYTOY and Circle Jerk
Location: Torrey Del Mar Park Park is off the 56 and main street to park is Carmel Valley Rd.
Run Fee: $8
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
On After:
Notes: Hash this week is three racist hashers that are taking time out from racing to give you a trail and food worthy of more than $8, but for only $8 and not a penny more. Those of you that normally run turkey. I think you are safe to push for Eagle. Fun running trail that overall is not ball busting. Eagle 7 to 8 miles with two beer checks / Turkey 5ish miles with one beer check / Walker 3 miles with one beer check. FYI: All three trails will have a special refreshing check for you.