Run Start for North County Hash

Saturday, 2018-08-18 10:00am
Sorry about the pavement but at least it is cooler
Hare(s): Hooting Beaver and Strap-On Tools
Location: 4217 Bayard St 92109
Run Fee: $ 6
Trail type: A-A
Dog friendly: Yes
On After:

NOTES: Yes, it is just PB but at least it's not 95 degrees! And holy shit, Hooting Beaver is cooking why wouldn't you come?! Eagle and Turkey (most likely not done scouting because there is so much shiggy to check.) Walkers can walk the boardwalk and check out the hot bodies at the beach. I love your dog but he is NOT allowed in my house. Front yard only for the dogs. (Except for Splinter. But I am serious, Splinter may go in my house but please leave your dog outside if you go into use the bathroom.)