Run Start for North County Hash

Saturday, 2019-11-09 10:00am
Name: USMC Birthday Run (Ooh Rah)
Hare(s): Psycho & Kitty Kitty
Location: 1884 Marron Rd, Carls(notso)bad! Corner of Marron and Monroe. SW corner of the "old" Sears parking lot.
Run Fee: $ 6
Trail type: A-A Drive to B
Dog friendly: Yes
On After:

NOTES: B is 2283 Fuerte St, Oceanside North County's 31st celebration of the USMC Birthday brought to you by Psycho and Kitty Kitty with food by Jockstrap at casa de Jockstrap y Psycho. Run start/finish is about 1 mile from B. Turkey/Eagle; short, flat and dry (aren't most runs this time of the year?) with beer check and good beer, good food (what do want for $6) and a genuine USMC Birthday celebration! Dog friendly as long as yours is and the gates will remain open. B is 2283 Fuerte St, Oceanside (TB 1106 E1, for those that have one!) Ooh Rah