Run Start for North County Hash

Saturday, 2018-04-21 10:00am
420 Hangover Escape to Black Mountain
Hare(s): Cawkward and Blow Job or No Job
Location: Black Mountain Ranch Park 14700 Carmel Valley Rd, San Diego
Run Fee: $ 6
Trail type: A-A
Dog friendly: Yes
On After: Second Chance probably

NOTES: Who doesn't love running Black Mountain? Probably most of you, especially since half of you will still be stoned! But lets do it anyway! What better way to cum out of your 420 hangover than following flour laid by the slightly awkward Cawkward for a 5-6 mile Turkey and an 8ish mile Eagle. Depends on if humans are spotted along the way, and she has to avoid contact. The beautiful and expertly groomed BJ will be serving up munchies to satisfy. On-on!