Run Start for North County Hash

Saturday, 2017-02-11 10:00am

Hare(s): Dragon Dick and Can You See
Location: 8900 Towne Centre Dr
Run Fee: $ 6
Trail type: A-A
Dog friendly: Other (specified in Notes)
On After: Anywhere but St. Archer

NOTES: Once upon a time in a corporate office, an uncreative, rhyme deficient, greeting card hack was sweating balls trying to figure out how to save a job for which he was in no way suited. After days of toiling he had an epiphany! A day that would live on in the minds of all Americans. It would be on March 14th as to have some time to pay off the Xmas bills and would be known as Steak and Blow Job Day! Excited, he ran to his wife to tell her how he was going to save his job. In all the excitement he failed to realize that wedding rings are to blow jobs as garlic is to vampires. She grabbed his jewels with a Cheshire grin and asked for diamonds. That, boys and girls, is how Valentine's day was invented. Hare Lies: Dogs on leash. Bring a head lamp. Walker/Turkey/ Eagle Trails .75 mile, 5.5 mile and 9 miles respectively. Bring a change of shoes or some flip flops incase the event we get some water between now and then.